10 Ways to Study Efficiently

01 April 2019 Comments Off on 10 Ways to Study Efficiently

Efficiency (n): The act of surviving the semester by having an elegant, above three point five GPA. Who wouldn’t want that? The problem is maybe not knowing the right ways to get the maximum return from all those hours that we think we spend studying. Be honest with yourself; are you really studying, or are you just sitting with the books open in front of you? Usually it’s the second – that is, unless you know these 10 tips to help motivate yourself and concentrate better:


Drink Water

Drinking water is obviously good for all kinds of reasons. With respect to the topic here, a study by the University of East London and the University of Westminster shows that drinking water increases attention by 25 percent. It might be a good idea to always keep a bottle on your desk while studying, and take sips every now and then.

Get Some Fresh Air

Oxygen is also a mind-boosting factor while studying. It’s important to let some fresh air into the room when you have a break, or to take a short walk if possible.

Listen To Alpha Waves Study Music

I know that it sounds “Avatar”ish, but it’s been proven that the brain has different states according to the wavelengths of the waves it releases. One of them is the alpha state. A brain in the alpha state learns more efficiently and is more creative. This is the state when the mind and the body relax, and you begin to concentrate on what you’re doing and stop checking the time. You can find plenty of music on YouTube that will put your brain in the alpha state.

Clear Your Desk

Do you know why in some offices employees are not allowed to bring irrelevant stuff to decorate their desks or are told to keep their desks organized? It’s because minimalism has a lot to do with productivity, concentration and high performance in the workplace. Research by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute has shown that a person who has too many distracters on her desk takes one and a half times longer to finish a task.

Take Breaks

Of course we’re not machines; we need breaks to help the brain analyze and organize all the information we’ve studied. As a break, you can exercise a bit or doodle. Even though there are so many things published on the internet about how often and for how long you should take breaks, I believe everyone has their own style and rhythm while working. So, be aware of your own pace and take breaks accordingly.

 Get Rid of Your Phone

Simply get rid of everything that will keep you from reaching your aim at that moment. The most dangerous thing in this category is the mobile phone. Put it in airplane mode or on silent, or just turn it upside down. Learn to limit its reign (unless you want to be the subject of the next “Black Mirror” episode).

Don’t Eat While Studying

Some places are associated with certain acts in the brain, and those natural links shouldn’t be broken. Let the desk be the place to study in your brain, and don’t perform any irrelevant acts there, such as eating. It distracts you a lot, and also you start to get hungry every time you sit down to study.

Leave the Desk When You’re Not Studying

You should do this for the same reason I cited under the previous subheading; when you need to do something that’s irrelevant to working, leave your desk. Sit down again only when you’re ready to work.

Watch Inspirational Videos

Never underestimate the power of a good TED Talk; it can be the very encouragement you need!