A Word From the Wise: Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen

20 December 2016 Comments Off on A Word From the Wise: Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen


12For most of us, a new role in life presents a variety of challenges and some surprises, too. Advice from someone who’s already been there can help get us through the rough spots. In the case of university students, who better than seniors to offer the benefit of their experience?

This week, Mina Al-Hayawi, a fourth-year architecture student from Iraq, gives advice as to how this year’s freshmen can make their university lives a bit easier and less complicated.

To New Bilkenters,

As a senior, I know I’m supposed to advise you on how to be better students and how to study hard and whatnot.

However, I’m going to tell you what I really think about university life. You see, even though university is probably the most important academic step that you take in your life, its importance surpasses even that.

The university is a place where you start to find yourself. You’ll be exposed to all kinds of different people, of different backgrounds and different ideologies. You’ll share thoughts, experiences, personal information and a combination of all these things.

You see, that is when you’ll find out things you didn’t know before; some of them will be responses to questions you’d been asking yourself your entire life without knowing it. This is the time when your true personality shapes itself, and the little dots that seemed so inconsistent start to connect and form the outline of the person you’re supposed to be.

My advice to you is, once you’re exposed to these different perspectives, to look into the person inside. Try to understand them and be there for them for the things that matter. Remember, everyone’s different. Be open-minded, but always stick to what you believe in. Be accepting and true to everyone, and everyone will be accepting and true to you.

Build long-lasting relationships (even though you’ll find it a bit difficult), and enjoy life as the simple thing it is before everything else complicates it.

I hope that I’ve shed some light on a few things that you may have been questioning. Thank you for reading.