A Word From the Wise: Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen

04 April 2017 Comments Off on A Word From the Wise: Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen

For most of us, a new role in life presents a variety of challenges and some surprises, too. Advice from someone who’s already been there can help get us through the rough spots. In the case of university students, who better than seniors to offer the benefit of their experience?

This week, Fauaad Anees Dar, a fourth-year Economics student from Pakistan, gives advice as to how this year’s freshmen can make their university lives a bit easier and less complicated.

You’ve all heard it approximately a bazillion times before: do your homework, attend lectures, make new friends, try to graduate, yada yada. Well, I’ll try to talk about something less run-of-the-mill: solo travel!

Most people I know have never considered traveling by themselves; they’re usually either too afraid to be in a distant country all on their own or feel that it might be a bit boring without their friends. That’s far from the case! When you’re by yourself, you get to meet so many fellow travelers from all corners of the world, all with their own stories to tell. And more importantly, you can plan your trip just the way you like it, with no compromises. Want to try the new underground café that the entire hipster community is going crazy about, but your friends are too mainstream? You can do it if you’re traveling solo!

So, give it a shot; there’s no better time to travel than during the first two years of university – no internships or master’s applications to worry about!