A Word From the Wise: Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen

21 October 2019 Comments Off on A Word From the Wise: Seniors’ Advice to Freshmen


For most of us, a new role in life presents a variety of challenges and some surprises, too. Advice from someone who’s already been there can help get us through the rough spots. In the case of university students, who better than seniors to offer the benefit of their experience?

This week, Sedat Can Yalçın, a fourth-year Computer Technology and Information Systems student, has some words of wisdom for this year’s freshmen.Q. What advice would you give freshmen about the Bilkent experience?

You’re not perfect. Your classmates aren’t perfect. You might have your own ideas or stuff that you look up to. Those can change. You’ll change, and that’s a good thing. You’ll find who you want to be, what you want to do. Believe in yourself and who you are, but never forget that you can only learn from others if you have an open mind. Never forget that you’re now only a fraction of who you’ll become. University is the first time we actually start living on our own terms. You should now grow yourself in the way you want.

Q. What’s something students should keep in mind throughout their time at Bilkent?

Possibilities. Bilkent has its good and bad sides, but one thing is clear: it offers you a lot, in all ways – social activities, academics, career opportunities, an amazing campus and so on. University is not just about going to classes and studying. Even if you do those two things very well, there’s a good chance that they won’t actually help you in your career. I humbly suggest that you go and explore. There’s always an event going on somewhere; there are companies visiting campus that are looking forward to meeting you. Just start by checking your Bilkent mail inbox frequently, and you’ll find many new things to explore.

Q. Any tips or tricks to surviving life at Bilkent?

Definitely join a student club. Join lots of them if you want. But joining one club and taking responsibility is immensely rewarding. You meet new people, and work together for something you love. It also helps you relax a bit when things get rough.

Q. One word about your experience at Bilkent so far?