Andreas Treske’s “Video Theory” Translated Into Russian

28 March 2017 Comments Off on Andreas Treske’s “Video Theory” Translated Into Russian

Asst. Prof. Andreas Treske’s book “Video Theory: Online Video Aesthetics, or the Afterlife of Video,” has been translated into Russian by a Ukrainian publisher and is now available. The original, English-language version was published in 2015 by Transcript Verlag and distributed by Columbia University Press. Mr. Treske, an author, filmmaker and media artist, teaches in the Department of Communication and Design.

“Video Theory” concerns the omnipresence of video in today’s world, with emphasis on the way that “objects formerly named video” have changed and evolved in the era of online video. With “the cameras around us constantly uploading, sharing, linking and relating,” declares the author, a “blue ocean” of video is “covering our planet.” The book describes and theorizes about the forms, behavior and properties of the myriad moving images that make up this ocean.

Mr. Treske graduated from the University of Television and Film in Munich, where he also taught film and video postproduction. At Bilkent, he teaches courses on visual communication and media production, including that of new media. He is a member of the Video Vortex network and a corresponding member of CILECT, the world association of film schools.