Archaeology: Your Ticket to the Past

07 May 2018 Comments Off on Archaeology: Your Ticket to the Past

For those fascinated by ancient civilizations and different cultures, archaeology can serve as a time machine for travel to the past. The Bilkent Department of Archaeology offers several courses that may be taken as electives by students in any department. Four of the courses described below, taught by Prof. Dominique Kassab Tezgör (HART 227), Assoc. Prof. Marie-Henriette Gates (HART 222 and 330) and Asst. Prof. İlgi Gerçek (HART 372), focus on the archaeology of four different ancient civilizations, while Prof. Kassab Tezgör’s HART 409 course looks at the role of museums in preserving the past.

HART 222: Introduction to Mesopotamian Archaeology

Follow the first farmers as they launch their revolutionary approach to tackling daily life. Become familiar with the kings of Sumer and Akkad, their cities, temples and far-flung trade. Walk the ancient streets of Babylon, royal capital of Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar. This course will introduce you to 10,000 years of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia, with archaeology as your guide.

HART 227: Greek Archaeology

To study Greek archaeology is not only to look at the artistic creations of and daily life in Athens, but also to identify the features and ideas originating in ancient Greece that were “reborn” during the Renaissance, and are still in use today in most parts of the world. This course will be of interest to Architecture and Philosophy students, as well as all those who are fans of art, beauty and the ideal.

HART 330: Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Discover the pyramids and their architectural secrets. Learn how Egyptian kings created their first state on the banks of the Nile. Understand the role of religion with regard to matters of life and death in ancient Egyptian society. Egyptian antiquity’s exceptional preservation brings these issues alive through archaeology, and in this course.

HART 372: Hittite I

The people we now call “Hittites” lived almost four thousand years ago in Anatolia. Their language, Hittite, was written on clay tablets in the cuneiform script. In Hittite I, students will learn the basics of the Hittite language and cuneiform script, learn how to make clay tablets and write in cuneiform, and visit the cuneiform tablet archives at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

HART 409: Museum Practices and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

A museum can be visited for its collections, but may also be appreciated for the architecture of its building, the creativity of its interior design and the quality of its displays. For a museum to achieve its vocation of preserving a cultural heritage in a way that is both appealing and educational, contributions from several fields of expertise are necessary. Students from a number of departments, among them Economics, Management and Law as well as Architecture, Graphic Design  and Interior Design, may find the course of interest.