Volume 10, Number 13
30 December 2003

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Impressions of a Bilkent Student at CNN International

A huge building with numerous video studios, hundreds of employees and flowing news... Everyone today is familiar with this voice over: “This is CNN.” Yes! I am at CNN International, Atlanta, where the world’s news leaders are located. Being the first International Turkish intern here really makes me proud, furthermore it is very exciting to be one of the members of this broadcasting company, and even wear its badge.
Here at CNN International, you can find the opportunity to meet the most famous journalists in the world, such as Jim Clancy, or Octavia Nasr... Once you come to this electronic center in the morning, you do not understand how it turns into evening because everyday is hectic here! People run from one floor to another, converting tapes, gathering news, writing scripts. Although the holiday is up and coming, nobody “cares” about who Santa Claus is. Because this is the center of the world's news, and people work even at Christmas!
Here everything goes very systematically, and very ethically. Each piece of news is controlled and evaluated by the editors and lots of people work for many hours for a two minute-news package! Although the result is 2 or 3 minutes of video that is on-air, seeing something that you have contributed to, in its final production really makes you satisfied. As an intern at CNN International, I have many opportunities to learn about broadcasting systems and in the following weeks I will take seminars, CNN’s library courses, in addition to developing my computer skills by learning some pc programs invented by CNN engineers for a better news channel. Also, I will meet with interns from different parts of the world and from the US, and this helps me to better understrand the concept of “International Journalism”.
To sum up, after my first impressions here at CNN, I realized that being a Bilkent student is one of my best qualifications, because by passing through such a globalized educational system, I did not have any difficulty adjusting to the international system of the world's best broadcasting company.
For further information and questions, please e-mail me at: makdag@ug.bilkent.edu.tr

Miray Akdağ (COMD IV)

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Prof. Cüneyt Gökçer Honored

Prof. Cüneyt Gökçer, Chair of the Performing Arts Department, has been honored by the “World Mass Media Research Foundation”, which was founded in 1991 to follow the mass media worldwide and in Turkey.
The Foundation has decided to accord artists who have made significant and lasting contributions to national visual arts with the honorary title of ‘OAKS OF ART’.
We would like to congratulate Prof. Cüneyt Gökçer for his contributions to Turkish theater and cinema.

Bilkent Faculty Receives Awards

Recently, three academics from Bilkent University were announced as recipients of TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey) and Parlar Foundation awards.
The TÜBİTAK Young Scientist Award, was given to Prof. Levent Gürel from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Prof. Gürel received his PhD. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and joined Bilkent in 1994. His area of interest is Electromagnetic Theory and Computational Electromagnetics.
The TÜBİTAK -TWAS Young Scientist Award, was given to Assistant Prof. Oğuz Gülseren, who is in the Department of Physics. Dr. Gülseren received his Ph.D. from Bilkent University in 1992, and went on to work at various prestigious research institutions in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States before joining the Physics Department at Bilkent in 2002. His area of interest is Nanoscience and Material Properties in Condensed Matter Theory.
The Parlar Foundation Award, was given to Associate Prof. Hakan Berument from the Department of Economics. Hakan Berument received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1994, and joined Bilkent in 1995. His area of interest is Monetary Policy and Time Series Analysis.

“Turkey and the EU” Composition Contest Results

As part of the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Turkish Republic, Bilkent University has organized a composition contest among Bilkent students. The subject was “Turkey and the European Union.” The compositions were evaluated by a jury composed of Prof. Dr. Bülent Bozkurt (Chair), Asst. Prof. Aylin Güney, Asst. Prof. Mustafa Kibaroğlu, Sare Öz, and Dr. Rasim Özyürek.
No entry has been awarded the first prize. The second prize has gone to Üstün Özgür (EE-II), and Esen Baktır (PHILOSOPHY/I) and Hasan Uğur Güneş (CS-III) have shared the 3rd prize. A special prize has been given to Rukiye Yalçın who is a highschool student at Özel Bilkent Lisesi.

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