Volume 11, Number 1
21 September 2004

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Hey everybody! Believe you me, it's great to be back. This may sound crazy since I'm sure most of you want to extend your holidays, considering all those lectures, midterms and inals...hrrr...terrifying, huh? :-D. I hope you all had a great summer filled with the 3 Ss (Sea, Sun & Sand). Did u? Yeah, you say? Hey, it's great to hear that, so did I! Not only did I work as an intern, but I also spent my spare time watching films (hmm...interesting) and hanging out with friends. (Unfortunately not with the cast of the famous TV show) :-P.

Well, lately I've seen "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "The Terminal." Rather than writing about both, I want to focus on the first one. All I can say about "The Terminal" is that it's a funny movie in which Tom Hanks is still Tom Hanks. The only unnecessary thing in the movie is the ridiculous romance tacked onto the plot. But sure, the film's worth seeing.

I hope you all had time to see Michael Moore's documentary. I can definitely say that the research that went into making this film deserves applause.

I watched "Fahrenheit 9/11" breathlessly from beginning to end. While watching it, you can't stop asking yourself "Is this true? Is this real or not?" You keep asking yourself the same questions again and again because seeing these things in a documentary is scary. We all watch different kinds of fictitious movies every day, right? These of course include "war" movies and the "let's save the U.S. and the world" type of movies. In them, we see people killing other people, burned bodies, bleeding wounds, weeping individuals, deceived individuals, dirty work done inside the U.S. government, and more. Since we know these movies are just fiction, we can sit back and enjoy the story. However, "Fahrenheit 9/11" shows that the real world is no different. The moment you realize this is when you start to get scared. Michael Moore presents all those dirty games and closely kept secrets in such a clever way that you can't decide whether to laugh or cry.

In one scene of the movie, Moore asks U.S. Senate members if they would be willing to have their children sent as soldiers to Iraq where Bush's bloody game is being played out. You should see the look on the senators' faces at that moment. It's like, "Are you freaking kidding me? Get the hell out of my way!"

I hope you all watch this documentary as soon as possible. Have fun and stay cool...

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Atilla Karakurum (IE/IV)

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