Volume 11, Number 17
8 February 2005

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One of God's Better People: Robbie Williams

Once upon a time, he was every pimply-faced teenage girl's fantasy: one of five non-instrument playing, musically challenged but hot-as-a-burning-coal members of the legendary British boy band: Take That! Robbie Williams managed to leave this dark (or perhaps it could be called pathetic) page of his life behind, as he did many other dark pages filled with drugs. Well, he made it! Robbie is one of the few successful survivors of yet another boy band tragedy. Bold. Witty. And he certainly has no limits: this handsome man can pick his love supreme from half of the world's population. Still, the sex idol (who even dated “Baywatch”’s “breasty/breastful/
breastest” star Pamela Anderson) had to start a TV ad campaign to find a date for Christmas night! How peculiar! Currently he is giving us a reason to listen to the radio with his latest album, "Greatest Hits."

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