Volume 11, Number 25
5 April 2005

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Unclassified/Untitled: Eminem

There are many sayings, like "life is like a box chocolates, you never know what you’ll get inside," describing the unpleasant surprises awaiting for you, as well as the pleasant ones. I have always believed that Eminem deserved a similar saying of his own, perhaps something like, "Eminem is like a mixed bag of M&M’s, you never know what kind of filling you'll get in the center." Sometimes it's smooth, sweet chocolate cream, but sometimes your teeth hit crunchy peanuts. In real life, he's the sweetest father a little girl could ever have, yet at the same time he's the greatest assaulter of women and traditional values. It's not such shocking news if he's caught pulling out a gun in a nightclub. His music isn't much different from his real-life self. Sometimes, it's a single father’s confessions to his little baby girl, and sometimes it sexually harasses some other guy’s little baby girl. These inner contradictions may be only signs of severe insanity, or may be signs of a complex human mind that we all misunderstand… Well, Eminem is like a mixed bag of M&M’s… perhaps…
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