Volume 11, Number 25
5 April 2005

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This Week
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Faces on Campus

This week in Faces on Campus, we are featuring two people whom we need as much as we do our instructors. These are the men who make photocopies at Meteksan Bookstore. We can't do without them, because they provide us with copies of notes or readings that our instructors give them. Please don't misunderstand--they are not given exam papers to copy, so don't ask them for copies of the questions before an exam. You'd be asking in vain, because exam papers are copied somewhere else--our two friends at the bookstore copy center don’t have them :)
Who is the Instructor of the Times?
Davut Saka, who has worked at Meteksan Bookstore for four years, is used to facing these kinds of situations. He gets so involved in his job that when he's at work, he thinks about nothing but the items that the instructors and students give him to copy.
For example, at the beginning of each semester (the busiest times of the year), he and his coworker are really concentrating on the names of the instructors and the readings for their classes. One semester, a student came in to request an issue of the Times newspaper. Saka asked, as he usually does when a student comes in to pick up a reading for a class, "Who is the instructor?" He was so focused on the usual routine of making and handing out copies that he didn't stop to realize this wasn't the right question to ask about the Times--which of course has no "instructor." :)
Perhaps the thing that makes him love his job as much as he does is working with all those young people, which gives him energy and makes the time pass quickly. The work might be tough--there's always something that has to be done in a hurry-- but the friendship among the workers at Meteksan is really great, as I saw while I was there. This kind of atmosphere makes Saka want to work here for many years to come.
Scanner? or İskender?
His co-worker Hüseyin Yalçın, who has been at Meteksan for five years, agrees with him.
He says that when you consider that you spend more than half of your waking hours at work, it's important that you really like what you do and enjoy your time on the job. His coworkers say he has become such good friends with the photocopy machine that he totally loses himself in his work and forgets about the rest of world when he is making copies.
One of Yalçın's favorite stories is about something that happened a few years back. On a very busy day, when students were coming into Meteksan one after another asking for this and that, one student asked if they had a scanner. He misunderstood what she said and thought she was inquiring where she could eat “İskender.” He kindly pointed out the restaurant above Meteksan. After a little while, the girl came back again. She said she had looked everywhere upstairs but had been told that there was no place there where she could scan her project. It was only then that he realized it was a scanner, and not İskender kebap, that she wanted.
This became a favorite joke between Yalçın and Saka, and they still laugh when they remember it.
Both of them say that the many friendships and good memories have made their years at Meteksan especially worthwhile. We hope to see them here at Bilkent for a long time to come!

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)

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