Volume 11, Number 25
5 April 2005

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Murathan Mungan Fascinates Bilkent

On Tuesday, March 29, Bilkent’s Center for Turkish Literature played host to the versatile literary figure Murathan Mungan. The C-Block Auditorium was filled to capacity, in fact overflowing with Bilkent faculty, students and guests, who listened to Mungan's eloquent words with rapt attention.
The noted poet-novelist-essayist-lyricist-playwright was introduced by the well-known novelist and essayist Erendiz Atasü, who praised his works for their subtlety, substance and style. Mungan's spellbinding talk covered matters ranging from his experiences as a poet to his strong determination to achieve an artistic persona, and was peppered with witty remarks and wry criticism. Renowned as a conversationalist, the author also took many questions from the audience.

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