Volume 11, Number 25
5 April 2005

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Party with Radio Bilkent All Night Long!

Radio Bilkent invites all of you to Murphy’s Dance Bar for a Hip Hop Night to celebrate its third birthday. The night of Thursday, April 7, starting at 10 p.m., will be full of fun and surprises.
There will be incredible attractions including a “free-drink lottery” and even dance shows, and all this will be on Radio Bilkent, for free. In addition, if you reply to ankara@murphysdance
bar.com from your “ug” account, you just might be one of those five lucky people who will win free drinks at the party.
So don't book your night, you have a date with Radio Bilkent!

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Bilkent News Welcomes Feedback From Readers.
This newsletter will print letters received from readers.
Please submit your letters to bilnews@bilkent.edu.tr
or to the Communications Unit, Engineering Building, room EG-23, ext. 1487.
The Editorial Board will review the letters and print according to available space.