Volume 11, Number 25
5 April 2005

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Renowned Political Philosopher Jonathan Wolff to Give Two Talks

Bilkent's Philosophy Department announces two talks by philosopher Jonathan Wolff (Department of Philosophy, University College London). Professor Wolff has published numerous articles on Marx, political philosophy and ethics.
The two papers he will be presenting reflect his current research interest in the question of how abstract theories of distributive justice can be used to inform public decision-making. The first presentation will be of particular interest in light of the recent high-speed train crash in Turkey. It examines the extent to which society can justify trading risk reduction off against cost reduction. The second presentation examines the nature and rectification of disadvantage. It discusses the questions: How should we understand the nature of disadvantage? How can societies identify the least advantaged? What policies should they adopt to deal with disadvantage?
All are more than welcome to attend these talks.
“Risk, Fear, Blame, Shame and Railway Safety”
Time and Place: Tuesday, April 19 at 1:40 p.m.
in EA409
“Understanding Disadvantage”
Time and Place: Thursday, April 21 at
1:40 p.m. in EA409

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