Volume 11, Number 26
19 April 2005

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The King of Pop: Michael Jackson

He's a man of controversy: swinging babies out of skyscraper windows, and getting sued over accusations of sexually abusing children. The plastic surgery industry, at least, is grateful to him and his about-to-fall-off nose. The capital provided by all his operations has enabled the field to develop to the point where it is today! Another industry that owes its survival to Jackson is toy manufacturing. Although he's over 45, the pop king spends a large proportion of his income at Toys'R'Us. His idealism is also admirable. He truly lives up to the ideas reflected in the lyrics of his songs. "Black or White," for example--there's no doubt he's fair to both, since he has spent half of his life dark as night, and the other half so white that his circulatory system shows through his pale skin. Yet, he's one of the biggest donators to charities and one of the most fervent supporters of anti-racism. Moreover, he's one of the most influential pop artists in history. He's a legendary man of extremes, no question… 

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