Volume 11, Number 26
19 April 2005

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This Week
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We appreciate feedback from our readers
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Final Countdown for Radio Bilkent
Traffic Contest!

There are now less than two weeks left for you to submit your entries to the "Radio Bilkent Traffic Project" contest! If you want to join in the campaign against traffic accidents, this is your chance to make a difference.
Entries may be submitted in one of four categories: Poster, Photo, Narrow-film or Slogan. Their content should focus on the problem of traffic accidents and/or what we all can do to prevent them. The entries will be judged by experts in related fields and creators of the winning entries will receive prizes.
The deadline for submitting entries is Friday, April 29. For more information, you can call Radio Bilkent at ext. 2434 or visit radyo.bilkent.edu.tr
We have dreams, do you?
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Bilkent News Welcomes Feedback From Readers.
This newsletter will print letters received from readers.
Please submit your letters to bilnews@bilkent.edu.tr
or to the Communications Unit, Engineering Building, room EG-23, ext. 1487.
The Editorial Board will review the letters and print according to available space.