Volume 11, Number 26
19 April 2005

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Voices on Campus

Surname: CİNİ
Radio Bilkent's most mysterious DJ, and also one of its funniest, “Radyo Cini,” is our guest in "Voices on Campus" this week. Radyo Cini has been part of the Radio Bilkent family for three years. After five months of training, he was able to go on the air with his program, which is broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. During the live show, he talks with listeners who call in, and offers gifts from the program's sponsors.
As I mentioned, Radyo Cini is a very mysterious person. I can't give you his real name, because he prefers to separate his true character from that of Radyo Cini. When the program is over, he leaves his identity as a DJ behind. But to give you a few clues about him, he's a second-year CTIS student, and here's even a picture…maybe you'll be able to recognize him on campus and ask his real name. But be careful, don't be fooled like the listener who asked that question and got the answer: "My name is Radyo, and my surname is Cini."
As if talking about someone other than himself, he described Radyo Cini to me as a very numb, sleepless, forgetful and fussy DJ. However, he was bold enough to say that his program is unlike any other, and there's no one that he's chosen as an idol, except Banu Alkan and İsmail YK. In person, he was very kind and warm. It was clear that he respects his job and his listeners. Before a live broadcast, he has to prepare material to talk about on the air in order to present an enjoyable program. However, he can't keep himself from having fun during his shows. Radyo Cini was brave enough to bet one of Radio Bilkent's other DJs about the Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe match. If Beşiktaş lost, he would have to bray like a donkey. However, if anyone heard a braying noise on Radio Bilkent recently, it wasn't Radyo Cini…luckily for him, Beþiktaþ won the game!
He wants to continue his program as long as he's a student--he says that it's a great way to express himself and is like a hobby that helps him get away from the stresses of life. However, he hasn't yet decided what to do in the future. Maybe he'll work in an area related to his department...or maybe he'll continue being a mysterious personality behind the microphone. Who knows? Lastly, he would like to thank his listeners for putting up with his terrible voice: )

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)

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