Volume 11, Number 29
10 May 2005

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A Piece of Bilkent News to Translate

In the beginning was the news!


It all started with us reading the news every Tuesday, a day before meeting as two sections of the Translation (From Turkish to English) course. At first, we were simply reading to see what had been going on lately; then we wanted to share what we had learned; and in this way we started to both give information and ask questions like "How would you say 'Toplantı yapıldı'?" and "What does 'Toplumsal Duyarlılık' mean in English?"
Throughout the term, a rich array of Bilkent news ranging from good to bad, from Bilkenters taking part in environmental activities to Faruk Selçuk's passing away, kept us updated. News articles written in error-free English not only provided our class with information about life on campus; they also proved to be first-rate classroom material, sometimes used as a mere ice-breaker, and sometimes as real "tough cookies" to translate. And when department-related news like "Bilkent Eğitim Kulübü" (BEC) Presents a Seminar on Hypnosis" or "'Türk Shakespeare' Organized by BEC" appeared, we simply said, "Articles about ourselves to translate--so much the better!"
Lots of words, phrases and sentences learned by reading the Bilkent News appeared in the quiz and midterm papers as well. And now, as we approach the end of the term, hearing about things like "Final Exams," "Graduation Ball" and "2005-2006 Academic Calendar," we feel that we had better revise the material and go back to the old news to see how Bilkent News has helped us improve our English.

Thanks a lot,
21.211. 01+02 Translation (From Turkish to English) Classes
Instructor: Mine Özyurt Kılıç


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