Volume 11, Number 29
10 May 2005

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On Sundays when you turn on your radio, you may hear oldies from the 50s to the 90s presented by a DJ named Ezgi Eltekin. Although she's young, she's very much into old music. The program she does, called “Past Time Paradise,” has been on the air for three years now. It gives young people an opportunity to learn about the important singers, groups, songs and events of the music world over the past few decades.
It isn't easy for a young DJ to know every detail about those years. Ezgi takes her job seriously, spending hours to collect the information she needs to put a program together. As a result, her show is one of Radio Bilkent's most popular. However, she is graduating from school this year and will have to hand the program over to another DJ (just as a former DJ had handed it over to her). Ezgi will graduate from the Department of Economics and wants to work in that area in the future, but who knows? She may end up having a career in the radio business, since it can't be easy to quit after working so hard to become a DJ.
How, in fact, did Ezgi become a DJ? First, she has always been a good listener and been involved in music. On that basis, she applied to work at Radio Bilkent, and then began her training there. She is now a fluent and experienced DJ. However, Ezgi is not only a DJ herself, but also trains DJ candidates.
As far as her program goes, she simply aims to play good music for her listeners and tell them something about the music scene of the past. Usually, she chooses the songs for the broadcasts herself, but sometimes she takes requests. Once, a listener called in and requested a song whose name he couldn't remember. Instead, he began singing the song at the same time Ezgi was trying to put another CD on. When he finished singing, he asked her if she knew the song. When she said she didn't, the listener said, "Then I should call another station!" Luckily, this conversation didn't take place on the air.
I also asked Ezgi about the new Radio Bilkent studio that will allow listeners to watch the DJs at work. She said she was very excited and couldn't wait to start doing programs there, because this would be a totally different thing, almost like a television show. Hopefully, we'll have the opportunity to see her do a live show there before she graduates. But until then, says Ezgi Eltekin, Radio Bilkent listeners should "stay tuned!"

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)


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