Volume 11, Number 30
17 May 2005

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Atii.jpg (5753 bytes)I can't stop having a lump in my throat as I think about the time I first stepped onto the Bilkent campus. Now, almost four years have passed, and there are only days left to my graduation ceremony. Time really flies, and right now, all those years that have passed feel like the blink of an eye. It feels really weird to be a student who is about to become a complete adult. When I look back, I see other years when, each time, I started a new life, became a member of a different society and then had to leave it all behind--just when I felt like: "Oh my…Everything is perfect!" All you can take with you is what you can't leave behind, your memories. This was the way I felt during junior high, high school and at Bilkent. Here, I come to the series finale. What's going to happen next? I really don't have any idea…
People always believe that there's nothing like college! I remember my first day at Bilkent. My sister got me on my cell phone and told me: "This is your first day at college, and you have four more years. The renaissance of your life has just started!" Now I can understand what she meant. It's hard to sum up the last four years and try to put your feelings into words. But it's basically like being involved in some magical thing that's much bigger than you expect. It's been an education, love affair, friendship…It's been amazing. As a Bilkenter, I can definitely state that I have had a wonderful four years here. Bilkent has been one of the biggest turning points in my life.
Two years ago, when I first started writing for the Bilkent News, I didn't know that it would be such a process of self-development. I've seen so much hard work and also fun. Was it worth doing? Yeah, it sure was, no question! Starting to write as a student columnist was a great decision. I'm so honored to have been a part of this family, where I did what I could to make a contribution. I'm glad to see that what we tried to do at the Bilkent News was fun and that most of you enjoyed it.
And now I keep wondering what's going to happen next. I'll be starting from scratch, and what I'm trying to step into is real life, where you're on your own. I'm nervous, I'm excited, you don't know! Anything could happen. I think just anticipating what might happen is exciting. It's like packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been to, a place that has to be believed and to be seen (as U2 says).
Ten years from now, what will I be doing? That's the secret, actually, but I'm really optimistic, and being a Bilkent graduate is my silver lining. I think I'm ready to step into the new world and stand there on my own two feet for a while!
Don't worry; we'll all be old and far away from each other one day. So, I need to tell you, don't ever put off your desires! Life is too short to waste time. Live it all the ways you can! Hope to see you around if it's meant to be. But in case I don't see you, have fun and be cool!
Best regards…

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Atilla Karakurum (IE/IV)


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