Volume 11, Number 30
17 May 2005

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Dancing on Wheels

On April 28, a dance group called "Devinimler Dans Topluluğu" gave a performance as part of the Ankara Müzik Festivali organized by the Sevda Cenap And Müzik Vakfı. Radio Bilkent interviewed the dancers in order to learn more about this unique ensemble.
The Devinimler Dance Group is the first and only dance group in Turkey made up of physically challenged dancers. Its members had originally met at the Association for the Physically Challenged, whose president, Faruk Öztimur, offered them the opportunity of forming a group, which they did in June 2004. Additional support came from the Sevda Cenap And Müzik Vakfı, the Okyanus Dance Studio, Çankaya Belediye Başkanlığı, the Başbakanlık Office for the Physically Challenged and the British Council.
The ensemble has so far given three performances, all of them at the Şura Salonu in Ankara. The members say that they have not faced many difficulties, except for getting used to wheelchairs, since the women in the group do not actually use them in their everyday lives.
The dancers say that in addition to sending out a message to the physically challenged that they, too, are part of society, their overall aim is to prove that all people, whether physically challenged or not, are equal. We are sure that after watching the Devinimler Dance Group, you will agree.

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