Volume 11, Number 30
17 May 2005

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Spring Fitness Challenge

The 2005 Spring Fitness Challenge, held between March 14 and May 1, has come to an end.
Challenge participants who completed enough fitness activities during the period to collect at least 120 points will receive their awards at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall on Tuesday, May 17, at 5 p.m. Their names are listed below:

Duygu Aktan (TRIM)
Feyza Arıkan (LAW)
Janset Batıbay (TRIN)
Figen Gökþen (POLS)
İpek Molvalı (MAN)
Zeynep Oluz (THM)
Asuman Þener (THEA)
Ece Sermet (TRIN)
Özgün Babalan (EE)
Akif Çetinoğlu (TRIN)
Oğuzhan Erol (ECON)
Mehmet Orhan (ACC)
Burak Özatay (MAN)
Ümit Tezcan (CS)
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