Volume 11, Number 8
8 November 2004

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Well, what you have read so far is the lyrics of the song "Super Size Me" performed by Toothpick. This song is from the soundtrack of the brand new documentary, "Super Size Me." Believe you me, nowadays whenever I pass any of those fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc., those lyrics ring in my ears. Surprisingly, all those tasty hamburgers and fries started to seem like super-sized fat after I had seen the movie. Although the dangers of these foods are universally known, I believe I had been in denial about this until now.

Director Morgan Spurlock made the following statement about the movie: "‘Super Size Me’ is one man's journey into the world of weight gain, health problems and fast food. It's an examination of the American way of life and the influence that has had on our children, the nation and the world at large." The movie opens with an overview of the fast food industry and some background about lawsuits against fast food restaurants. In order to prove whether or not fast food is bad for people, our fearless hero Morgan risks his life and starts a diet on which he eats nothing but McDonalds for 30 days straight. One thing leads to another, and the shocking results come out.

Well, first of all, it was really hard for me to watch him go through that experiment. Morgan's health steadily gets worse as the movie progresses. (During this experiment, he was continually monitored by three doctors, a dietitian and an exercise physiologist.) After watching the movie, you feel like you are going to throw up if you see one more hamburger. The director creatively criticizes the way people become slaves of the marketing strategies of the big fast food companies. Moreover, the movie includes numerous interviews with citizens and scholars that make the audience look at the issue from different perspectives. If you watch the movie, don't miss the transitions between chapters, where each time a creative and critical image is used to show what’s going to come next.

The way in which Morgan risks his health results in some other problems, too, as his girlfriend states: "When we two have sex, he is not as energetic as he used to be. You know…He gets tired easily." One of the funniest scenes of the documentary occurs here--it is as if she is threatening the audience by saying, "If you keep eating these foods, the saturated fat will start to impede blood flow to some critical organs, if you know what I mean" :-D (By the way, Morgan's girl friend is a "vegan chef." Hehehe… She is inherently opposed to fast food :-D) All in all, I think you all have to watch this documentary, in which you are going to see more than you expect. The movie is currently showing at the Kyzylyrmak Movie Theatre.

See you next week. Have fun and stay cool! As McDonalds says: Thank you! Come again :-D


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Atilla Karakurum (IE/IV)


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