Volume 12, Number 15
31 January 2006

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Prof. Ekmel Özbay’s Descartes Science Award Recognized by TÜBÝTAK

During the ceremony, Prof. Yetiţ lauded the success of Prof. Özbay and his research group and expressed the hope that he would train new researchers who would receive future Descartes awards. In his own remarks, Prof. Özbay stated, "During the Descartes Award Ceremony at the Royal Society of London, the organizers prepared a special map on which Turkey was shown as a part of the European Union. This is concrete proof that Turkey has now become part of the European Union in the area of science and technology. I will continue to do my best to bring further recognition to Turkish science."

Prof. Özbay and his fellow team members won their 2005 Descartes Science Award for creating and developing a new class of artificial metamaterials that are able to overturn various familiar properties of light.

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