Volume 12, Number 15
31 January 2006

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Welcome back to Bilkent. I hope that after a long and restful break, all of you are ready to start the new term.

Do all of us want to? Of course not. Sometimes I wish I could leave this planet and go somewhere that belonged only to me--take a little rest, close my eyes and just listen to the sound of the snow falling from the sky. But reality never stays away--I'm sure that I'd be in such a pessimistic state that I'd remember my rest was going to end (just like this break has ended). So, no break is ever enough.

Back to real life: during the first week of the semester break I went to see the movie "King Kong." This film is actually a perfect love story. It is obvious that as a lover, King Kong acts like us. He tries to understand each and every movement made by the person he wants. He truly comprehends that person's value only when he loses her, and then tries to get her back. When he accomplishes his aim, he tries to protect his love from others. And this is exactly the same story for each of us. Sometimes we lose the game and end up alone, but life still goes on. The beauty kills the beast, and then searches for a new beast to kill.

After seeing "King Kong," another question also occurred to me. If your partner were kidnapped, would you try that hard to find him or her? I'm not sure. I think that the only people who would try to find you and risk their lives would probably be your family. Others would find a way to go on, and would remember you less and less often as the years passed. Thinking about the plot of the movie made me realize that the stress, selfishness and ability to survive in the rush of our lives today is making us into robots without any emotions. We are molding our lives, hearts and hopes by using only our logic. We have only enough time to analyze results, not to face them.

Anyway, maybe for most of you this was just the remake of an old movie. Still, it's a good love story that goes straight to the viewers' hearts--and maybe gives them the desire to experience a love story similar to King Kong's.

Have a nice start, see you next week....

Sıla Türkü Kural (EE/IV)

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