Volume 12, Number 17
14 February 2006

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Cartoon Workshop

The Cartoon Workshop is a tradition of the Bilkent Humor Club. The workshop has existed ever since the club was established, but has not been very active recently. Last year it was held three times or so, but this term, the club is planning to offer it throughout the semester.

The workshop is a service the club provides for those who are interested in humor and the art of cartooning. It aims to help people learn the basics of drawing cartoons in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Workshop courses include tips on finding gags, structuring the composition of the cartoon, basic techniques of drawing and discussion of humor theories. For those who are already drawing cartoons, the workshop provides the opportunity for co-production and exhibition, since the club is planning an exhibition of cartoons for the May Fest.

The workshop will be conducted by řenol Bezci and held every week on Wednesdays at 5:50 p.m. in HAZ-05 starting on February 22. You can email sbezci@bilkent.edu.tr for detailed information.

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