Volume 12, Number 17
14 February 2006

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Bilkent Delegates Participate in MUN-TR 2006 in Ankara

After a day of sightseeing, the delegates and the organization team convened at the Sheraton Hotel at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, February 7. The next three days would see these individuals engage in a frantic schedule of negotiation sessions, conferences and lobbying (not to mention parties). Divided into five separate committees--the General Assembly (GA), the Economic Social Council (ECOSOC), the Security Council (SC), the European Council (EC) and the Middle East Multilateral Summit (MEMS)--the delegates deliberated issues ranging from the "Greater Middle Eastern Project" to a virtual crisis in the Balkans.

After four days, 12 heated discussion sessions and over 24 hours of deliberations in total, the conference ended with a closing ceremony and presentation of awards to outstanding delegates. Bilkent delegates swept most of the outstanding delegate awards, as well as the "alternative MUN awards," such as the "Best Dressed Delegate."

The MUN-TR 2007 Conference will take place in Istanbul, twelve months from now.

[This article was prepared in association with Kutluhan Çelik, Director of Business, MUN-TR Ankara 2006 Conference Organization Team.]

Işıkcan Aysev (MAN/IV)

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