Volume 12, Number 17
14 February 2006

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DOST Never Stops, Even for the Holidays!

DOST (Doğa Sporları Topluluğu) is continuing its outdoor activities throughout the winter. During the first week of January, eight club members went to the Bolkarlar Mountains for training in basic winter camping. After the course, five group members climbed Koyunaşağı Peak (3426 meters). On February 5, at the invitation of the Dağcılık ve Doğa Sporları Topluluğu of Uludağ University, three club members ascended the summit of Uludağ (2543 meters).

Next week, the club will go to Mt. Erciyes for advanced training in winter camping. After winter training, DOST will start rock climbing courses and trekking.

If you are interested in DOST’s activities, please contact volkang@ug.bilkent.edu.tr

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