Volume 12, Number 17
14 February 2006

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Turkey’s First Invited Review Paper in the Journal Science

Prof. Özbay's article, entitled "Plasmonics: Merging Photonics and Electronics at the Nanoscale," was published in the January 13, 2006 issue. In addition to being the first paper published in Science by a Bilkent faculty member, this was also the first "invited review paper" published by a scientist from Turkey. According to Prof. Özbay, the publication of his review paper in Science clearly shows the quality of nanotechnology research activities at Bilkent.

Plasmonics is a newly developed branch of nanotechnology, in which scientists work to combine the superior technical advantages of photonics and electronics on the same chip at nanoscale dimensions. Plasmonic nanocircuits offer the potential to carry optical signals and electric currents through the same thin metal circuitry, which is also known as "light on a wire." In his article, Prof. Özbay reviews the current status and future prospects of plasmonics in various applications including plasmonic chips, light generation and nanolithography.

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