Volume 12, Number 17
14 February 2006

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Bilkent Publishes Translation Studies in the New Millennium, Volume Three

Published annually in English, French, German and Turkish, TSNM, An International Journal of Translation and Interpreting, aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners in translation studies.

The journal was first printed in 2003. Vol. 1 of the TSNM Proceedings comprises 31 papers from 23 countries on six continents that were presented at the TSNM International Conference held at Bilkent University October 16-18, 2002.

Volume 2 contains three papers presented at the TSNM International Conference held at Bilkent University on May 6-7, 2004, plus eight articles by international authors.

The current volume, which includes nine articles by authors from Canada, China, Jamaica, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA, was entirely collected from responses to calls for papers disseminated on the Internet. The titles in this issue are: "Tracing Visibility in Translated Children's Literature," "Translation in the Time of Globalization," "Chinglish in L2 Translation," "An Examination of a French Translation of the Prologue of Justinian's Institutes," "Through a Prism of Creolization: Language, Nationalism and Translation," "Resources for LSP Translations: A Sample Project," "The Manipulation of the Text: On the Foreignizing/Domestication Duality in the Translation of Humor in Audio Visual Texts," "Intertwined Ethics and Politics of Translation" and "Translating Code Switching in Chicano Fiction."

The editors, Barbara Blackwell Gülen, İsmail Boztaş and Şirin Okyayuz-Yener, and the managing editor, Mümtaz Kaya, are from TRIN/SAL. On the Advisory Board are: Berrin Aksoy (Hacettepe Univ.), Heidrun Gezyrmisch-Arbogast (Univ. of Saarland), Basil Hatim (American Univ. of Sharjah), Tanju İnal (Bilkent Univ.), Ahmet Kocaman (formerly of Hacettepe Univ.), Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (Univ. of Geneva), Alexis Nouss (Univ. of Montreal) Gideon Toury (Tel-Aviv Univ.) and Dorota Pacek (Univ. of Birmingham).

TSNM publishes refereed articles that have not previously appeared in print. The abstracts of the articles in all three volumes appear in Benjamin's Translation Studies Bibliography and St. Jerome's Translation Studies Abstracts.


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