Volume 12, Number 17
14 February 2006

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New Volunteers at Radio Bilkent

Radio Bilkent is pleased to announce that new volunteers have joined the Radio Bilkent society after completing a preliminary training period. Alper Evirgen (COMD II), Baraz Uran (POLS II), Batuhan Aytaç (LAW I), Can Demiröz (BIM PREP), Ecem Karlıdağ (TRIN PREP), Fulya Durutürk (AMER II ), Huzeyfe Aslandoğdu (LAUD PREP), Kutlay Demiray (THM II), Nihal Özdemir (GRA PREP) and Tolga Demirçay (ECON II) are now working in Radio Bilkent's Music Department.

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