Volume 12, Number 25
18 April 2006

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BUÇEK Photo Contest Exhibition

Bilkent University Çevre Kulübü (BUÇEK) held a photography exhibition from April 10-14 at the FADA Exhibition Hall. The exhibition featured pictures taken by students who participated in the photo contest organized by the club with assistance from Instructor Isik Aksoy of the Department of Graphic Design.

The contest, which asked entrants to submit photographs depicting natural beauty on the Bilkent campus, ended on March 24, and the winners were announced on April 6. First place went to Merve Sıla Karakaya (IAED/IV). İrem Sevgör (ECON/IV) took second place and Ali Kemal Yaylacı (ECON/IV) third.

Yeşim Güvezne (POLS/III)

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