Volume 12, Number 25
18 April 2006

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MA TEFL Program Hosts International Conference

The main aim, according to Asst. Prof. Johannes Eckerth (who, along with Dr. Basham, was one of the organizers), was to bring theorists and practitioners of language education together. By doing so, the conference provided members of both groups a unique opportunity to further explore their subject matter: the mind of the language student.

During the sessions, research on SLA and its implications for the classroom were looked at from a number of differing perspectives. Among the many topics discussed were questions like: How does one learn a second language? Is it a matter of unconscious acquisition or conscious learning? How can the methods of SLA be further explored? These and other questions provoked lively debate and comment among conference participants throughout the course of the day.

Işıkcan Aysev (MAN/IV)

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