Volume 12, Number 25
18 April 2006

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Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

April 18-19
Salad with Vinegar
Tsumire Clear Soup
Soup with mackerel, vegetables and miso
Shrimp with Tare Sauce
Fried & boiled shrimp with tare sauce on rice
Simmered & grilled cutlet with jouyu and vegetables
Mitsumame Dessert
Mixture of gelatin cubes, fruits and boiled beans
April 20-21
Apple Soup
Fried Peppers with Cheese 
A Bulgarian way to serve peppers as an appetizer 
Fried Flounder
Flounder served with a sour cream sauce
 Flemish Beef Roulades
Beef rolls served with a beer sauce
Apple Pie
Torte Varazdin 

Call ext. 5002/5004 for reservations.


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