Volume 12, Number 28
May 9, 2006

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ECTS Student Workload Surveys Being Conducted

However, the usefulness of the ECTS has proven to be much more extensive, and it is now also used for credit accumulation throughout the process of lifelong learning. The system makes it easy for students, educators and others to compare programs of study, at both the national and international levels. It also facilitates student mobility by requiring recognition by the home institution of credits and grades earned while on exchange under the Erasmus program.

At institutions where the ECTS is in place, student workload surveys are periodically conducted to enable instructors and departments to adjust course requirements based on students' needs and workloads.

As part of Bilkent University's continuing commitment to fully implement the ECTS, surveys of student workloads are being conducted this week. Included in the workload surveys are third-year courses in the HART, COMD, CS, CTIS, ECON, IR, LAW, MAN, MBG, POLS, TRIN and THM departments. The surveys will additionally be conducted in sections of CS102, ENG102, HIST202, MATH102, MBG110, PHYS102, TURK102 and TURK112.

Departments and instructors whose courses are not included in the above list are also welcome to conduct the survey voluntarily and report the results to their departmental Socrates/Erasmus coordinators.

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