Volume 12, Number 28
May 9, 2006

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A Digital Heaven: The “Elysium Network,” Brought to You by Cognitio Laboratories

An innovative computer/video games company has been formed by Bilkent University senior students from various departments as a part of the GE401-402 Innovative Product Design and Development course.

This start-up company, which is called Cognitio Laboratories, is organized into three departments: Technical, Business and Media. Technical Department members are Çağlar Arslan (EE), Dünya Kırkali (CS) and Bulut Gözen (EE); the Business Department is made up of Kerem Karsılıklı (MAN), Koray Gündoğan (ECON) and Can Karabulut (ECON); and Yağmur Can Pekdemir (COMD) is in charge of the Media Department.

Cognitio Labs, as an independent start-up gaming company, came up with an idea for implementing a 3D virtual world that could be applied to the most frequently used Internet services. They decided to call their product the "Elysium Network." Kerem Karsilikli from the Business Department of Cognitio Laboratories explained that "Elysium means heaven for nobles in Greek mythology. The reason for selecting this name for our product is that, as a company, we will try to provide users with the opportunity to live in a 'digital heaven'."

Basically, Elysium Network is a multiuser, 3D-based simulation, which gives you a way to do your online activities in a digitized, realistic online environment. Moreover, this system enables hundreds or thousands of users to simultaneously interact in a 3D world that they are connected to via the Internet. In other words, the users of Elysium Network will have the capability of doing their online chatting and dating, shopping, banking, job-seeking and other potential online services in 3D.
Çaglar Arslan, the Project Manager and Lead Programmer, predicts that "the Elysium Network will be a new trend in online services, which will make the way today's services look seem primitive and completely out-of-date. We believe that this entertaining solution will create a new way of life in a digitized world. In fact, we think that this idea could even lead to a system like 'The Matrix' that you saw in the movies."

For more information about this innovative company and its unique idea, you can visit the websites
http://www.cognitiolabs.com/ and http://www.elysiumnetwork.com/

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