Volume 12, Number 28
May 9, 2006

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I hope that you enjoyed Spring Fest. As I write this, it's the first day of the festival, but I'm not sure if the weather is going to help us have an enjoyable time before our finals.

Yesterday I received an email notifying us that the last issue of the Bilkent News for this year will be published on May 16. I couldn't believe that a very long term full of activities was already almost over. After this term I still have one term left before I finish my undergraduate studies, but when I look back, I realize that time is flowing past in an uncontrollable way, and that each second we waste during our lives is very precious. This race against time makes me determined to hold onto those seconds and not lose others.

When I look back over my past years at Bilkent, I see that even if it turned out to be wrong, I always figured out how to solve my problems in my own way. I'm not very proud of it, but a sudden feeling that I've really become an adult has made me take a step back and analyze myself.

The day I first came into the world, I was just a baby who had to be looked after. Then I became a child. During my childhood, I was raised as a person who was "free to decide" things for herself and make her own choices. When I became an adolescent, it was not a very enjoyable time for my family, but still, it was a funny stage of my life.

But now, things are different. Last year or even yesterday, I felt that I was still somewhere between being a child and a grown-up, but now I feel that I have really become an "adult." This feeling probably entered my consciousness after I took the TOEFL examination yesterday. Anyway, something clicked in my mind that told me: You are now starting a new phase.

Entering this new phase of my life made me try to understand my past, digest it, and then move on to the future as a more solid person. It also made me try to understand what my mistakes were, and I realized my biggest mistake was doing everything my own way. From one point of view, being independent-minded is a good quality, but at times when you need some support, this approach to life can harm you. Even if you know that your way is wrong, and even if people try to warn you that what you're doing is going to turn out badly, you still want to go ahead. But in the end, you're left with a basket full of broken eggs.

Will I be able to change this quality of mine? I don't think so, but still, it's good for a person to know what their bad qualities are and try to deal with them-- again, in their own way.

Sıla Türkü Kural (EE/IV)

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