Volume 12, Number 11
28 November 2006

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Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

(November 21)


Ebi No Kawariage, Minced Shrimp Chinese Hot Canapé
Hot - and- Sour Soup
Main Course
Gomoku-Ankake-Gohan, Five-Treasure Rice
Boiled rice mixed with cuttlefish, ham, vegetables dressed with Chinese sauce
Ramuchapu, Barbecue cutlet
Simmered and grilled cutlet Chinese flavor
With Yaki-Biefun, Fried Rice Noodle with vegetable
Wolfberry and Southern fruits with coconut juice
Baked Cheese Cake

29-30 November
1 December

Open Buffett

Call ext. 5002
for reservations Price: 10 YTL.

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