Volume 12, Number 11
28 November 2006

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New Sport Trends: Orienteering

The Physical Education and Sports Center offers orienteering courses for those who are interested. Orienteering is a sport where you use your mental and physical ability together. Orienteering is said to be "chess being played while running." The sport involves not only running but also finding control points. Orienteering is different from many other sports because there is not a leader to follow or a signed racecourse. There are many different ways from the starting point to the finishing point depending on the competitors. Participants have to choose the best path in the least amount of time in accordance with their own abilities while considering the abilities of their competitors and the terrain's qualities. In other words, the competitors have to use their mental abilities in addition to their physical abilities. The differences in the competitors' physical abilities are not very important and they are nearly equal at the beginning of the competition.

There are different kinds of orienteering such as orienteering on foot, ski orienteering, mountain bike orienteering and trail orienteering. Participants use a map and a compass but the map is not the same as a typical geographical map. Although orienteering maps contain everything that geographical maps contain, they also show the fences, the vegetation, special objects, rock groups, the roads, energy transportation lines and everything that is in the terrain. In a standard orienteering racecourse, there are only the signs posted at the starting point, destination points and the finishing point. As can be understood, orienteering does not need buildings, structures or areas. It is a natural sport that takes you away from the stress of city life. This sport is given as a course to primary school students in western countries.
Almost every neighborhood and every school has an orienteering club or a team. If you are also interested in orienteering, you have a chance to apply for the orienteering course in the Students Dormitories Sports Hall. For more information please call ext. 1993.

Yeşim Şağban (IE/III)

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