Volume 13, Number 13
12 December

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Bilkent MBA Students Hosts Pınar Eczacıbaşı and GYİAD Members

The Bilkent MBA Club hosted a dinner on November 30th in Ankara with GYİAD, the Young Executives and Businessmen's Association. Pınar Eczacıbaşı, the new Chairman of the Board for GYİAD and representative of the global asset management giant Schroders for Turkey, made a speech to introduce GYİAD and emphasized their desire to establish a strong linkage with the Bilkent MBA program and its students.
Another member of GYİAD, Sinan Ergin, who is the owner of Assemble Organization Co. Inc., also shared his experiences with the Bilkent MBA students to encourage them toward the bright future they have ahead.

Fifty MBA students and faculty members from the FBA were able to meet and exchange ideas with other members of GYİAD and, most importantly, had the opportunity to establish long-term working relationships.

The Bilkent MBA Club has already started planning its next business meeting event for students, faculty and business people. Other plans of the MBA Club include an MBA Forum, from April 27-29, 2007 in Antalya and a MBA Business Night for Bilkent MBA alumni, in June 2007 in İstanbul.

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