Volume 12, Number 13
12 December 2006

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AYVA Cup First Game Played

The 4th annual intermural AYVA Cup basketball tournament organized by Bilkent University started off with a game between the Bilkent and Başkent University Men's teams followed by the women's game between Bilkent and METU at Ayşe Abla College Sports Hall. The Men's team won with 83-80. The women nearly won but lost 55-56.

Prof. Ali Doğramacı and Prof. Mehmet Haberal, rectors of both universities, gave speeches at the opening ceremony, stating that the inter-university relations and friendly bonds between the students of different universities are strengthened with the help of such sports activities. The presence of the rectors demonstrated the significance of the tournament in the strengthening of the bonds between the universities and the support they give to the AYVA cup. On the other hand, the lack of student interest in the games disappointed the players. Başar Kutlu (MAN/II), point guard of the women's team, stated that both the men's and women's teams are successful, yet the lack of support from Bilkent students negatively affects their motivation. Serter Soner (COMD/III), team captain of the men's team, said the next game on Thursday, December 14, at the Bilkent University Main Sports Hall at 5:30 p.m. is a more important game, and that they need the support of the students. Onur Önder (POLS/IV) said they have the enthusiasm and the drive to win the AYVA cup for the first time, and that the support of the students would bring them motivation.

Thursday's games will be a great opportunity for students to show their school spirit by cheering on their teams. Please come, support your teams and lead them to victory!

Doğacan Kurucu (GIA/III)

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