Volume 13, Number 13
12 December

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President of ASIRT Visits Bilkent University Traffic Committee

ASIRT (Association of Safe International Road Travel) was founded in 1995, in response to a bus crash near Bodrum, Turkey in which Aron Sobel, a twenty-five year old U.S. citizen, was killed along with 21 other passengers. The Association, in addition to sponsoring many activities to raise public awareness especially among young people, carries out joint projects in the field of road safety and the prevention of traffic accidents worldwide. ASIRT has launched a global initiative to collect first-hand accounts of road traffic victims, to be published in a book "Faces Behind the Figures, Voices of Road Traffic Injury Victims and their Families."
The President of ASIRT, Rochelle Sobel, visited Bilkent University on Tuesday, December 5. Here She was met by Nermin Fenmen, President of Bilkent University Traffic Committee, Dr. İhsan Sabuncuoğlu, former President of the Committee and Oğuz Özbilgin, Committee member. They were joined by Beyazıt Aksöz (ACC/III), Vice President of the Student Union.

Nermin Fenmen and Beyazıt Aksöz, on behalf of the Student Union, took part in discussions and suggestions concerning promoting road safety awareness among Bilkent students and gave a brief presentation on the aims and activities of the Bilkent University Traffic Committee.

The Bilkent University Traffic Committee will work in close collaboration with the Student Union and a group of Bilkent students participating in the World Youth Assembly for Road Safety, which will be part of the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week to be held in April 2007.

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