Volume 13, Number 17
06 Feburary

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Write Right with BilWrite

bilwrite.gif (1939 bytes)Dear students,
Are you worried about a writing assignment this term? As a part of the BUSEL, FAE program, BilWrite provides assistance to students who have problems with their academic writing. If you are having difficulties or are worried about a department assignment or term paper, why not make an appointment?

To make an appointment, please contact Carley Piatt, at least one day in advance, and please note that writing which is due the next day will not be looked at, so please plan accordingly.

via e-mail: piatt@bilkent.edu.tr 
or by phone ext. 2652
or by going to the BilWrite office - Science Building B, Room BZ23 - and writing your name and contact information on the schedule on her door.

You may also visit BilWrite on the web for contact information and resources for successful academic writing: http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/~bilwrite/

Don't worry unnecessarily - come and receive some help.

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Bilkent News Welcomes Feedback From Readers.
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Please submit your letters to bilnews@bilkent.edu.tr
or to the Communications Unit, Engineering Building, room EG-23, ext. 1487.
The Editorial Board will review the letters and print according to available space.