Volume 13, Number 17
06 Feburary 2007

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Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

Italian Menu

Amuse Bouche

Poached shrimp with cocktail sauce
Bruschetta Trio Prosciutto
& White Beans Salad

Marinated roasted peppers, zucchini and buffalo mozzarella, beef steak tomatoes with pesto sauce
Vegetable soup with pasta and shaved cheese
Caesar Salad
Pappardelle alla Forestale
Wide egg noodles in light cream sauce with sautéed wild mushrooms
Seared Fillet Salmon
Lamb Osso Buco
Gremolata Braised lamb shank served with orzo risotto milanese and diced root vegetables
Créme Caramel
Chocolate Mousse

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for reservations

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