Volume 13, Number 25
04 April 2007

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This Week

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Joy and Music: Celebrating Radio Bilkent’s 5th Birthday

It is time to play games. After the success of last week’s Red Alarm Party, organized at FADA, Radio Bilkent continues to entertain everyone with activities this week. Join in the games (Üniversite Tavlası, Hekiseki, Chicken Limbo, Yumurta Taşıma, 3 Bacak), organized in front of the Orçun Gül studio on April 4 and 5, where you will not only have fun but the chance to win prizes. In addition, join us at the Radio Bilkent sponsored Akare Yurtdışı Fuarı on April 12 at the Sheraton for an opportunity to think about and plan your career. For more information please call ext. 2434.

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