Volume 13, Number 25
04 April

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Second Genç Akademi - Rivalry

Bilkent University Industrial Engineering Operational Research Club has organized the Second Genç Akademi between April 19 and 22 at the Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center.

During the four day conference, "Rivalry" will be discussed by speakers from the business world, and the fields of art, academics, politics and media. What is "Rivalry?" “Rivalry” for discussion in this context, includes the competitive capacity of Turkey in foreign and domestic markets, the competitive atmosphere that new graduates encounter, the media's effect on rivalry, the factors that feature rivalry, Turkey and “Rivalry,” and more.

The participants will be selected from all departments of universities throughout Turkey. To participate in the activity, students have to fill out an application form by April 5 on www.genc-akademi.org 

Please note: A limited number of students will be selected from each university.
Be in the group that will represent Bilkent!

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