Volume 13, Number 28
01 May

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Innovative Project Competition Award Ceremony Held

The fourth Innovative Project Competition, organized by TTGV, Bilkent University and Cyberpark, concluded last week with the awarding of prizes to the winning students.
The students received their awards at a ceremony held at Mithat Çoruh Auditorium on April 26. The first prize went to team Revoco whose members were Irmak Emekdaş, Deniz Yılmaz, Tuğçe Togay, Rüya Candemir, Sencer Gören, and Mehmer Çubuk. The team developed Reveco, software for controlling the input devices of computers such as a keyboard, mouse, etc. through voice commands from the user. The main purpose of Revoco is to make human-computer interfacing easier for the handicapped. http://ge402.bilkent.edu.tr/revoco/Index.html

The second prize was received by the Smooth Solutions team for their B-Lock project aimed at providing high security for lock systems by using the latest technology in electronics and encryption systems. The group members included Gün Gökmen, Beren Erdem, Başak Yolgeçti, Kazım Peker, Alper Fıratlı, Umut Arısoy. http://www.smoothsol.com

Third prize went to the Easy-Q team of Sezen Işınlık, Doruk Alptekin, İlker Onur Kaya, Emre Candan, Ateş Can Dumlupınar and Anıl Altun. Easy - Q is a Bluetooth product which, once integrated into current queue management systems, will allow customers to take a walk or shop nearby instead of standing in a queue, while being notified of their current queue number through their cell phones. http://ge402.bilkent.edu.tr/adesia/index.html  

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