Volume 13, Number 28
01 May 2007

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AYVA Cup Basketball Tournament Ends with a Bilkent Victory!

The "Ayva Cup" intramural basketball tournament organized by Bilkent University ended last week with victory going to Bilkent men's team. The final games were played between the Bilkent-METU men's and women's teams. Bilkent teams won their final games, with scores of Bilkent 61 - METU 51 (men) and Bilkent 43 - METU 41 (women).
Six universities played in the tournament: Başkent, Bilkent, Sabancı, Koç, Hacettepe and Middle East Technical. Bilkent ended up winning the Ayva Cup in the men's division.
The overall results of the tournament were as follows:
1- Bilkent
2- Hacettepe
1- Hacettepe
2- Bilkent

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