Volume 13, Number 4
3 October

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23-27 October 2006                          Holidays - No Classes
Monday through Friday

10 November 2006 - Friday               Commemoration of Atatürk All Classes Meet as                                                                               Scheduled

8 December 2006 - Friday                 Last Day to Withdraw from Courses

22 December 2006 - Friday               Last Day of Classes

26 December 2006 - Tuesday            Beginning of Final Examinations

30 December 2006 - Saturday          Holidays through 3 January 2007 Wednesday

4-9 January 2007                             Final Examinations Continue
Thursday and Tuesday

12 January 2007 - Friday                  Last Day for Submission of Course Grades

25-26 January 2007                         Course Registrations for Spring Semester
Thursday through Friday                        

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