Volume 13, Number 4
3 October

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Letís Discover the Treasures of the Library Together

The Bilkent Library welcomes all new students and faculty to the new academic year. The new academic year promises to be an exciting one for everyone at Bilkent with regard to new initiatives and services from the library. One of the most exciting initiatives is the establishment of a Faculty Librarian system. Each Faculty will now have their own dedicated Librarian who is responsible for supporting the teaching, learning and research needs of both students and academic staff.

Faculty Librarians will be spending time assisting students and academic staff to learn how to access and use the marvelous resources the library offers. Please make use of their skills and expertise. Faculty Librarians have a wealth of knowledge and skills in navigating the maze of information sources you may find confusing at times. They are information specialists and can be very helpful in showing you some short cuts, tips, and tricks to access that crucial piece of information required for your term paper, the article you are writing or the lecture you are preparing. Faculty Librarians are also available to teach students during class time about relevant information resources necessary for their assignments.

In other parts of the world, Faculty Librarians have been described as magicians or facilitators because they demystify and solve many things related to the acquisition of information in a timely manner. They are information specialists equipped with access to information and are available to use their expertise to help you. Faculty Librarians are just a phone call or mouse click away. Contact information for the Faculty Librarians can be found on the library's website at www.library.bilkent.edu.tr

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